Comeback-alert! – Rooney

For me Rooney is a Myspace-band. If you’re younger than 22 you may not know what Myspace is, or was. But when MTV stopped playing music and internet took over – Myspace was the best place to discover new music and connect with bands and artists. Myspace is still there. It just changed. A lot. And everyone went to other kinds of social media. But enough of the Myspace-lecture. Rooney is one of the bands I discovered on Myspace way back when. They have been on a little break. Now they are back with a brand new lineup except for Robert Schwartzman with his lovely voice.

© Rooney's instagram
© Rooney’s instagram

(Yes, thats the guy from The Princess Diaries..)

With the comeback, they gave the fans a free download of a new song “Come On Baby” in a long message on Facebook. Listen to it here.


There is also mention of concerts and maybe a tour.
Rooney is also releasing a new single “My heart beats 4 U” on 4. March.

For more about the comeback or just more about Rooney, check their Facebook or their webpage.