Celebrating 20 years of John Dee

This month the venue John Dee is celebrating 20 years!
In the spirit of celebration there will be a bunch of great concerts.

Here are a list of artists and bands I recommend you catch live during this month celebration.

6. October: Silja Sol
I saw Silja Sol at Øya this summer. Despite the rain, there was still a huge audience.

13. October: The Modern Times + Västerbron

19. October: Mando Diao
Another Swedish group I just adore.

21. October: Blood Command + Ondt Blod
Blood Command will give me a good dose of western Norway, while Ondt Blod will give me a dose from the north. Oh what a night it will be!

25. October: Shining

26. October: Great News

This is just some of the shows that I recommend (and will be attending) this month. For the whole program check out rockefeller.com.