By:larm 2016, Thursday

Pale Honey ©Else Solheim

The by:larm kickoff started yesterday, but I was not able to enjoy the festival until Thursday evening. I was lucky enough to see  Pil & Bue just in time. As a photographer I could have been better. But as musicians Pil & Bue were quite good. They were great actually. The crowd at Revolver seem to enjoy the show as well.

Every concert last for about an half hour, next up is Pale Honey. Apparently this is the show to be at during by:larm Thursday evening at 9PM.There is a huge line around the venue, Mono, and inside it is packed with people. They were interesting, not my personal taste in music, but it was nice experiencing something different for for once.

While waiting for the next show, why not try out the food at by:larm. Sweet potato fries with mango chili mayonnaise was yummy! I love everything fried. I got free popcorn as well. After my tummy got filled up with deliciousness I was back at Mono again for Leonov.

From there the journey went on to Uhørt to se Bright. Loved by the audience and the atmosphere in the venue was great. The crowd was cheering and dancing and it looked like they had the time of their lives. At the same time Virgin Suicide were playing at Revolver. I went there to catch the last half of their show. Revolver was so packed with people that I started sweating by just entering the door. That alone is a sign of an amazing show. While standing there I was wishing that I got there earlier. Their music made me feel good and I wanted to dance.

dePresno ©Else Solheim

While waiting for Aiming for Enrike my legs moved their way to Sentrum Scene to see dePresno. Sentrum Scene is the biggest indoor venue at by:larm. It was not full, but there were plenty of people there. Again people were dancing and it looked like fun. Both fun in the crowd and on stage. I’m pretty sure dePresno won some votes for the Urørt finale this evening.

My first night at by:larm ended with a steamy concert at Revolver. Apparently I end my nights where I start my evenings. Aiming for Enrike entertained a once again packed Revolver. The crowd seem to enjoy the show. For me the music sound monotone and flashy lights don’t make it better.

It’s only the first night and I am already tired. Will I survive? Find out more tomorrow!

The gallery is updated with photos from tonight.