By:larm 2016, Friday

Yuma Sun ©Else Solheim

Friday, my second day of by:larm. Yesterday, my focus were more on photography but tonight I want to enjoy some concerts.

First band out is Yuma Sun. They weren’t originally on the festival line-up, but stepped in when Kentaur had to cancel. This is a very nice surprise since I’ve always wanted to see them live. They start off with “Give Me Fever” the band goes literary mental on stage, and the audience react by cheering and shouting. This is a good start. I like it. This is a band with a lot of energy. They are all over the stage, all over the audience – yes, both the guitarist and vocalist joined the crowd during the show. It made the whole experience even better. Yuma Sun is not just a band you go and see – it is a band you experience. Their sound is amazing and they are all super talented. We should all be happy that Kentaur had to cancel and be sad that we only got to experience Yuma Sun for half an hour. I will be at their next Oslo show for sure.

Västerbron, © Else Solheim

Second band out; Västerbron. This is a band I wanted to see because the songs I’ve heard were good. Even better live. Too bad the vocalist didn’t feel so good and suggested that By:larm should be held when it’s warmer outside. I agree with him. Even though they all probably had the flu, it was a good show.

From a Swedish band to a Danish one, next stop: Blaue Blume at Revolver. The vocalist impressed me. He could hit the really low notes, but also have a super high pitch. A second there he reminded me of Darren Hayes’ “Insatiable”, however their sound is more rock than that song. Once again Revolver is packed. I’m starting to really dislike this venue. I may not like the venue, but I like the band. I need to add them to my playlist. I also could not stop staring at the drummer. Not sure why though.

Last show for the evening is Electric Eye. Apparently I was not the only one who wanted to see them. Almost half an hour before the show, there were already a long line of people outside the venue. This better be good since all these people came to see them. I have to be honest I not sure what all this fuzz is about. They were good, but not great. It was mostly melodic, lots of guitar playing. I think they had more songs in mind they wanted to play, but got cut off after 30 minutes.

Saturday is the day the Urørt final is. I have to be sure to get there in time.