Bring Me The Horizon – Rockefeller, Oslo – 13.11/15

© Ashley Osborn

Bring Me The Horizon – Rockefeller, Oslo, 13. November 2015

The day is finally here, the day I’m gonna see Bring Me The Horizon for the third time. It’s been four years since I’ve seen them go mental on stage. So this the first time in a while, and the first time in a indoor venue. Due to the past shows my expectations are high, so this better be a good one.

I went to Rockefeller late enough to miss Beartooth, but early enough to see PVRIS. It’s amazing how this band from Sheffield called Bring Me The Horizon got this far. They were no one when I first saw them in 2009. Now they are playing a sold-out show in Oslo with not only one, but two supporting acts. It just blows my mind. But well deserved.

In Norway we call supporting acts “oppvarmingsband” which translated into English means warm-up-band. I have to admit that PVRIS is really getting me warm. Before tonights concert I checked out a couple of songs of them and I got kind of disappointed by the tunes. But listening to them on Tidal and seeing them on stage – are two very different things. They gave me freakin’ goosebumps. They made me scream and jump with my baker-cyste-knee. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen is my new hero. That girl can seriously sing. Amazing voice. I need to see them again. But all the joy and no matter how amazed I am by PVRIS, all I want to see is BMTH.

This tour is a part of promoting their latest album, “That’s The Spirit”. There was no surprise when they started off with a song from that album – “Doomed”. When I reviewed the album I said that it was soft and more melodic than what I was used to of hearing from them. And live, well, it was is as soft. Vocalist, Oliver Sykes, seemed tired of the tour already. In the first song even. There was no spark. It was dull. And I fear that since this is the start of the show, this is this also what I can expect the rest of it?

A slow start went away quickly when “Happy Song” got played. Of course I screamed “S-P-I-R-I-T, Spirit, lets hear it!“. I’m saying screamed, because we all know I didn’t sing. One hit got played after another. The atmosphere in the audience is fantastic. It’s hot and steamy, and I can feel sweat run down my back. We got asked if we like any of the old stuff – YEAH!!. The tunes of “Chelsea Smile” is on. Again I am screaming a long, not singing. During the middle of the song Sykes asks us to sit down. When the mood is at this height, everyone is smiling and having a blast – if Oliver Sykes asks you to sit down, you sit the fuck down. Now I’m on the floor. There is something familiar with this scenario, have I experienced this before? – The band is on stage, playing Gods basically while were worshiping them from the floor. Just picture it – the whole sweaty crowd sitting down. We jump back up again and I just feel great.

The first song of the encore is “Blessed with a curse”. Sykes is asking us to put up our lighters. What Sykes says – the audience do. Sykes asks for a circle pit – audience does a circle pit. Sykes asks for wall of death – the audience divides themselves in two and makes a wall of death. He is the the puppet-master, and we are his dolls. A bit crazy doing circle pits and wall-of-death in Rockefeller, but it happened. The evening ended with “Drown” which is a beautiful song. A slow start, and a slow ending, with a semi-crazy middle part.
It was the audience that did the show for me. BMTH have become boring on stage. The only one who interacted with the crowd was Sykes. Well, he tried to at least. BMTH are not at their best. Ending the show with confetti is cool and all, but it’s nothing new. The audience does all the work, they are the ones with spirit. – Bring Me The Horizon, where is your spirit?

When you know the potential of how a band can be on stage, and this is what you get. You’re allowed to be a bit disappointed.