Bokassa – War On Everything

Last month the Norwegian band Bokassa released their debut EP, “War On Everything”. It is the title-track that starts off the album. The song screams out this is us, and this is our sound. And the sound is not bad, not bad at all. The next song is “Just Enough Education To Perform (A Vasectomy)”. I mean wow. The song is great. It’s just the title that makes me smile a bit. It’s a brilliant song-title! “No control” is a short song that last 1:39min. 1:39 minutes of controlled chaos. “Golden Libido” is another song with a title that makes me smile, but this is my favorite song on the EP. It’s more melodic than the other songs. A bit annoying with the movie-ish-voices in the song, but I guess thats Bokassa’s trademark or something. The EP ends with the song “Narcissism is Underrated”. For just listening to the EP once I feel like it needs more variety or balance. It’s clear what their sound is about. Noises, fast and punk-like. It’s good, but not great. Have a listen and prove me wrong.