Bob Hund to Trænafestivalen!

© Bob Hund
© Press photo, Bob Hund

Bob Hund were on everyones lips after their show at By:larm. The Swedish band is returning to Norway this summer playing at Trænafestivalen.
Bob Hund have for a long time proven themselves as being one of Scandinavia’s most unique and creative band. Over ten years as a band, Bob Hund has seven albums and four EP’s on their conscience, with music embossed by indierock and Skåne-dialect. Their live performance is what makes them such a unique and unforgettable experience. The six members of Bob Hund has been said to be six guys that don’t really fit in, but together they do. Bob Hund are now ready for Trænafestivalen.

The festival will take place at the island Træna in Nordland, 7. – 10. Juli.
ARY, Gundelach and Unge Ferrari have already been confirmed for the lineup.


Bob Hund

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