Biffy Clyro – Sentrum Scene, 31.10/2016

Biffy Clyro, again? Well, yes. On Halloween’s eve I find myself on yet another Biffy Clyro gig. It’s been three years since the last time, and of course I’m excited.

The supporting act, Lonely The Brave, unfortunately started out dull. The vocalist placed himself so far back on the stage as possible. As if he were afraid of the audience or something. They did a better work on the next songs, and the guy has a great voice. Sipping tea on stage must do wonders for his voice. Tea on stage? Yes, so very British – I love it!


Exact 30 minutes after the supporting act Biffy Clyro entered the stage. Looking back on the times I’ve seen Biffy, I have seen Simon Neil with all kinds of hair-styles – remember the blond period? This time, and I have to say I did not expect it, they were all painted like a black metal band. It is Halloween, and they are in Norway, why not draw inspiration from Immortal and Gorgoroth?. Neil and the Johnston brothers look good when they try to be scary.

They started the show with “Wolves of Winter” from their latest album Ellipsis and the audience was caught. Next up “Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies”, and I was caught. That song is so good, but this time live, it just did not sound right.

Most of the setlist consists of songs from Ellipsis, Opposites and Only Revolutions. They play their instruments well, really well. They have the audience attention, and we do what Neil tells us to do. He says clap, we clap, we says jump, we jump – such power. One could say the show was even magical. The lights were amazing.

So what was wrong? The band is playing utterly well, the atmosphere is amazing, the audience is cheering, smiling and sweaty. But what is wrong?

The sound.

Unfortunately, I could hear the guitar, bass and drums better than Simon Neil’s voice. The voice disappeared in the music. The audience were singing to all the songs of course, but his unique voice is just so beautiful. I know he can, and I have experienced him sing better than this. I don’t know if it were him or the sound-guy. But that ruined a lot for me.

Still, a great show though.