Biffy Clyro – John Dee, 1.feb 09

Biffy Clyro are phenomenal! They can give you goosebumps, even though it’s a hundred degrees..

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Biffy Clyro played for a sold out John Dee Monday night.
A half hour after the doors to the venue had opened, already a couple of hundred fans had gathered to see Biffy Clyro live. A couple of fans who looked like new-turned 18-year-olds had already placed themselves in front of the stage, ready to see their Scottish heroes. One could already feel the sweat on the forehead before the band had entered the stage, and everything interpret that it was going to be a hot experience.

9.30pm Biffy Clyro entered the stage, all three men shirtless. They opened the show with That Golden Rule, with the audience singing along “we need that golden rule, that golden rule”, which was quickly followed by Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies, which is a personal favorite of mine. To begin with it was hard to get our eyes off  the vocalist Simon Neil, who had placed his guitar so far up under his arms, it looked a bit weird. But even though for the weird positioning of the guitar, the show was really something special.

After four songs, me and my friends had to move further back in the venue, or else we would have died of a heatstroke. Who would have thought that three Scottish men could make so much ruction on stage. Songs from all five albums were played, most of them were from Puzzle and the newest album Only Revolutions. The audience was a mixture of people from 18 to 50 years of age, who jumped, danced and clapped all the way to the last song. It’s not a surprise that Biffy Clyro have fans in all ages, they recently got announced The Scottish band of the decade, a title that suites them well.

Through it all, I would say the show was perfect. It was fantastic, incredible, magical by all means. It had a beautiful balance between slow and not so slow songs. With three songs to the encore,  Mountains was the perfect song to end a perfect show with. It’s not a surprise that the show was sold out, Biffy Clyro is an amazing liveband. 400 fans and I enjoyed ourselves a lot, and we are hoping that Biffy Clyro will come back to give us goosebumps again.

, a strong five wouldn’t be enough..

– Else



  1. sv: ja, gleder meg til den dagen jeg fyller atten..Tror jeg kommer til å bruke mye av min tid på konserter da. 🙂 skjønner jo egentlig ganske godt at de ikke vil ha en gjeng med små tasser vandrende rundt midt oppi all galskapen.. men samtidig er det utrolig surt å ikke få sett bra band som Biffy clyro og selveste jarle bernhoft som spiller nå snart.

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