Baroness – Rockefeller, 30. March 2016

Perfect is the word that describes this evening.

I did not plan on going to this show, but my friend asked me to join him and I am so glad I did. Baroness is out with a new album “Purple”, probably their best album til now. After listening to the new album and some old material, I was looking forward to the concert and my expectations where high.

cellphone photo © Else Solheim

Baroness started the show off with “Kerosene” and the lights on stage where purple. The way they played their instruments, the way they sang – flawless. I gaped with amazement, this is truly a great start. The lights changed to yellow and green, and they play “March to the sea”. Through out the show the lights would change from which albums the songs were taken from. Like “The Gnashing” the lights where blue from the “Blue” record, and “Isak” with red lights a song from the “Red” album. The whole experience was so well executed. Baroness is not a band you go to watch, you experience them. Their performance, their music, the lights, the sound – everything was perfect on stage. The audience could have been more wild. We were a boring crowd, we could have cheered and screamed some more. It was only during “Shock Me” I could feel the floor beneath me trembling. “Shock Me” was when the atmosphere among the crowd was at its best. My personal highlight this evening was “If I have to wake up (would you stop the rain?)”, a beautiful song, presented in an unforgettable performance. There was not much communication from the band, but vocalist John Baizley stated early on that they would rather play great songs rather than talk. Which is exactly what they did. For one and a half hour the crowd at Rockefeller got to experience a show from Baroness that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Flawless, perfect and unforgettable.

Baroness have been through a lot. It is amazing to see how far they’ve come after the accident, and how strong they are today. I am amazed.
It has been three days since the concert and I am still in a Baroness-high.