Album: PVRIS – All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell

It’s been a couple of days since PVRIS released their second studio album “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell” (AWKOHAWNOH). With great reviews from AP and NME.

“Heaven” is the first track of AWKOHAWNOH and was released in May. A dark song about suffering in a relationship that was cursed from the start. All I keep thinking is: who took Lynn Gunns heaven away? The lyrics are dark, but the melody is catchy. If you’re not really listening to the text it might just sound like a great song to dance to.
The cursed relationship doesn’t stop there. In “Walk Alone” you can find the words “Darling, I always knew that we were doomed“. It seems like a broken relationship is what created this album.

AWKOHAWNOH is an album with dark texts and catchy melodies and Lynn Gunn has never sounded better. However there are no songs that really stands out as great. There are no songs that catches my attention. But then again, neither did any on “White Noise”. It was after I saw PVRIS live I fell for them. Maybe I have to experience the songs live to appreciate the album more. I like the new album. I just don’t love it. Yet..