Album: Barns Courtney – The Attractions Of Youth

This may be the best debut album of the year.

Barns Courtney‘s “The Attractions of Youth” is my favourite release this month. After the disappointment from Foo Fighters and The Killers, Barns Courtney is exactly what my ears needs this fall.

You may have already heard “Fire” which is the first song on the album. The song is full of energy and his voice is very southern American. Which makes no sense at all (since he is English).

The next song on the album is “Glitter and Gold”. Another song that is not new to the fans, but sure is good to listen to.

This album is full of songs that just catches you. Not because the song has a nice beat. But there are diamonds like “Champion” and “Kicks”. And Barns Courtney proves that he is not fooling around. He is here to stay.

There are only four songs on the album that my ears had not heard before. “Hobo Rocket”, the ballad “Goodbye John Smith”, “Rather Die” and the title track “The Attractions Of Youth”.

If RedBull TV did not livestream Barns Courtney’s show at Lollapalooza, I don’t think I’d be writing these words or be listening to this album. I rarely post this many videos while writing about an album. But this time I want you to listen. I want you to experience it yourself. Maybe you feel the way I feel.

I love it!