Top 3 albums of 2015

So many music-sites and musicbloggers have long lists over the best albums of 2015. I’m not gonna make a long list. I don’t like reading long lists – so why make one? I am however gonna make a short list of three items. Those items being the 3 best albums of 2015.

Here are the 3 albums I’ve been listening to non-stop since their release –

1. Ash – Kablammo!
KablammoKablammo! is the greatest surprise of the year. I didn’t even know that Ash were working on a new album. Suddenly there was this song “Cocoon”, and shortly after came this wonderful album. My favorite song is “Dispatch”. I just love the guitar on that one, (I love singing it too). “Free” is beautiful and “Machinery” makes me dans. If you haven’t heard Kablammo! yet do it – do it now! You won’t regret it. Best money I’ve ever spent.

2. Seigmen – Enola
enolaFrom 7 years of with with Ash, Seigmen beats them with the wait of 18 whole years since their last studio-album. When I wrote a tiny review of Enola I said; “It’s a wonderful comeback. The only thing that can beat this is Freddie Mercury rising up from the dead“. Enola is beautiful I love “Trøst”, “Forevig og Alltid” and “Tenn Alle Lys”. Wonderful album.

3. Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit
ttsEven though their sound has complete changed I actually like BMTH’s new sound.  I’ve always been a fan of melodic rock and metal. “True Friends” and “Drown” are most definitely personal favorites. But the crowd at Rockefeller loved “Throne” and “Happy Song”. I may like BMTH new sound, but I’m not fan of how they’ve changed on stage. Something to work on in 2016.

So here you go, my top 3 albums of 2015. But that does not mean that I didn’t enjoy the new albums from Iron Maiden, Slayer, Hold Fast, Shevils etc. I do have to mention the EP made by The Good Mad “Face your feels” – best EP of 2015? Maybe.

In 2016 I am looking forward to a new album from Nothing More and The Killers. Hopefully PVRIS will release a new album as well.