Alien Ken – Change is Constant

© Linn Fiksdal

Alien Ken is out with a new album today, “Change is Constant”. It is pure rock n’ roll, and at times it seems Mötley Crüe inspired. The album contains the single “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, which means I came, I saw, I conquered. You can hear the words I am not leaving, can’t you see, good luck trying to conquer me, which is really catchy.

© Coverart, Alien Ken
© Coverart, Alien Ken

The track “Third” seems inspired by aliens. It is alien/coffin rock, so there will be a song that sounds a bit scary. Like cutting someones skin, just to watch it heal. Now that doesn’t sound nice, but it sure makes a good song. Is he singing about being abducted by aliens or just a bad relationship? This song is more dark and heavy.

The title track “Change is Constant” has a good guitar intro. It seems kind of prog-rockish but without the cheesy synth, which makes the song better than any progrock song. The album ends with the song “Number”, which for some weird reason gives me Iron Maiden-wibes. But only the voice here sounds more autotune than Bruce Dickinson.

Alien Ken did not just release a new album today, but also a music video for the song “Dualstar”.

Change is Constant is filled with eight rock songs.Listen to it on Tidal or Spotify.

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