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elsesolheim.com is an international music blog driven by me, Else Solheim. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and a Master’s Degree in Journalism. (elsesolheim.com does not receive any form of financial support.)

In 2010 I was picked out of hundreds of applicants to blog for the Roskilde Festival. Which is the biggest music-festival in Scandinavia.
In 2011 I became one of VICE Scandinavia’s bloggers.

Around November 2015 I changed this site to English, so the old posts will be in Norwegian. Here you will get anything from music reviews: concerts, albums, EP’s, singles etc., music recommendations, and I also post about some artists and bands that happen to end up in my inbox (mail@elsesolheim.com). I do write my opinion though. I’m not claiming to have any sort of music-expertise. I can like something, I can love something, I can also hate something. Feel free to email me your music (at your own risk ;)).

Music-related volunteer work:
Gaffa.no (current)
Hissig.no (2013)
Rockblogg.no (2010-2012)
Eternal-terror.no (2009 – 2010)

I’ve also done photography and head of Social Media for Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen (2012 – 2014).
For more information about me, check my LinkedIn-profile.


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