Spellemann 2015

It’s finally here, the Norwegian Grammys – Spellemannsprisen 2015. Who’s going away with all the trophies tonight? I have my favourites, the audience have their favourites, we all have some sort of expectations of who will go out with a Spellemann tonight.

I’m not gonna give you the whole list of winners. It’s allover Norwegian press sites, you don’t need to see it here as well. Spellemann is more than just giving away awards to Norwegian artists. It’s also a show with live music and honouring the amazing talent we have in this country. Everyone who got nominated should pat themselves on the back – you all do an amazing job. I am baffled over your talent.

Spellemannsprisen starts off with the hosts Jarle Bernhoft and Ingebjørg Bratland singing for us. I kind of expected that, but it was still a good start. The one I am waiting for is Janove Ottesen. Who will always be compared to the work he did as frontman of Kaizers Orchestra. It has been two years since Kaizers Orchestra laid their instruments away, and it is now the second time Janove Ottesen is going solo. The last time he went solo the songs were in English, this time – Norwegian. He may not be a member of Kaizers Orchestra anymore, but the style of his new song “Regnbuen Treffer Oss Ikkje Lenger” could just as well be a Kaizers song. I was just so happy to see him live and hear him sing again. I really don’t care about the Kaizers comparison. Another surprise was Lars Vaular sining a duet with Ingebjørg Bratland – now, that was beautiful.

When I first entered Oslo Spektrum I noticed all the young teenagers and kids there. Some had written “MM” on their foreheads. MM obviously stands for Markus & Martinus. Who are two boys, twins, with a huge fanbase at the award show. Maybe a huge fanbase overall in Norway. They are the youngest ones that have ever been nominated for a Spellemann. Which after seeing them perform – I have to say that they deserved one. Sadly they did not go home with a statue tonight. All the kids in the crowd were so disappointed. Markus & Martinus where the ones that made the crowd scream. It was obvious that the majority came because of them. Doesn’t that show that they should have gone home with at least one award? Maybe having a screaming crowd and a huge fanbase doesn’t quite get you a Spellemann.

I felt for the ones who were nominated in the same category as Susanne Sundfør. She kicked ass! Not only did she go away with three statues, she did an amazing performance on stage as well. However, the Norwegian media had predicted that she would receive the “Årets Spellemann”/this years Spellemann award. But that one went to Kygo. I am shocked. Does this mean that every Norwegian that does well in Amerika should get that award? If so, Dimmu Borgir should have gotten that price years ago. Kygo doesn’t even have an album out! He did give the Spellemann Award some critique last year. This just proves that crocodile tears pays out . Well done, Kygo.

The honorary award went to Tommy Tee. Finally someone who actually deserves this honour!

Featured image by © Fredrik Varfjell / NTB Scanpix