Ron Pope & The Nighthawks, Vulkan Arena 29.01/16

© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen

Yesterday I forced my friend, Malin, to go with me to a rock show. So when she asked me to go with her to see Ron Pope I couldn’t say no – or could I? I had never ever heard of Ron Pope. She played me a couple of minutes of a song – it was not my kind of music at all. But I still went to the concert and I am glad I did.

Bruce Springsteen has the E Street Band, Ron Pope has the Nighthawks. That comparison stayed in my thoughts all evening, and let me tell you – they are equally talented. I was amazed by the talent the guys in the Nighthawk has combined. Lets take the guy they called Bear: he started off with a trumpet, then he played the keyboard, he also plays accordion and he did back-up vocals as well. Thats just one guy. When you have that kind of talent behind you, can you then imagine how Ron Pope was on stage?

© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen
© Malin-Charlotte Aagesen

The vocals. Oh my, what a voice. It was as clear as a sunny day and as high as the sky (if he wanted to reach that high) – beautiful. He is also a charmer. He kind of had to be, when 90% of the audience where girls. With his charm he made them all sing to “One Grain Of Sand”. They sang so good that I think that the audience charmed him right back. It is gonna take more than a beautiful voice and a sing-along to win me over though. I’m impressed, but not that impressed. The music is country-inspired indie, if such a genre exists. Reminds me of Wakey Wakey, The Good Mad and Band Of Horses. Artists I like. Ron Pope is warming up to me know.

The moment I was convinced by this artist who is unknown for, was when he mentioned Glenn Frey. It was more than a mention, the whole band played a cover of “Already Gone”, which is such a lovely tribute . Pope starts to talk about the supporting acts, mainly Truett. The way he spoke about him – I’ve never heard someone speak about a person in that way before. Ron Pope started his own record label just so that he could sign Truett. He said “Thats how much I believe in him”, the audience goes “awww”. I’m standing there with my eyes staring at them, thinking; I believe in Ron Pope! If he says that Truett is as talented as far as talent can go – I believe him! Too bad I’m a poor student, that don’t have the money to buy the EP. Because if I had the money, I would have bought it. Pope convinced me!

They ended the set with “A Drop In The Ocean”, with a sing-a-long with the audience of course. I didn’t sing – obviously I don’t know the lyrics. This was my first experience with Ron Pope & The Nighthawks. One day I hope to see them on a stadium tour. Don’t get me wrong, I love the intimacy with a venue like Vulkan – but this music, this show, all these great musicians they deserve a bigger stage. They have the potential to be great.

All photos by © Malin-Charlotte Aagesen