Backyard Babies, Rockefeller Music Hall 29.01/16

Yesterday my favourite Swedes in Backyard Babies kicked off their Scandinavian Tour in Oslo. I’ve been a fan since my early teens and I have seen them a couple of times before. It’s been such a long time since I saw them, that I have forgotten how great they are live. However, this night – was amazing, and I will tell you why.

They startet off with “Th1rte3n or Nothing” from their latest album “Four by Four” – and they were on fire! Even though the venue was far from it’s audience capacity, Backyard Babies gave it their all from the start. A couple of songs into the concert they played “Brand New Hate” – this is where the audience went crazy. I went crazy. I love that song. I have to admit that I haven’t listened to their latest album, but when they played “Bloody Tears” I was convinced that I have to give it a listen. It’s a beautiful rock ballad and it literarily gave me goosebumps. When you have a show with lots of hard rock it’s nice to balance it out with a slow song – thats exactly what Backyard Babies did. During “A song for the outcast” I started shaking my body a bit, it’s not a dance song, but it reminded me of my young teenage years and I just was so happy. Backyard Babies stirred up all kinds of feelings in me this evening. Especially during “Roads” – I’m a girl, I like the slow songs! Anyways, the reason why I and probably the rest of the crowd showed up is because of “Minus Celsius”. That was the song that opened my eyes to them. I still remember watching the music video on ZTV.

Memories.. Oh memories. I’m sorry that I forgot about the show in Bergen and at Hultsfred – I’m getting old, can’t remember them all. But I will definitely remember this night.

Featured (cellphone)photo by © Malin-Charlotte Aagesen