StarratS of UfotofU – #DuckRock – A tribute to past, present and future Duck Artists

Next week StarratS of UfotofU will release a concept album #Duckrock – A tribute to past, present and future Duck Artists. On 1. March to be exact.

Duck Rock (sometimes shortened as Drock) is a genre of rock music that was developed during the fall of 2014. Duck Rock bands are characterized by their performances and humorous songs about the Duckburg Universe, and the songs are often written from the point of view of a particular character from the comic books.” (source)

© Les Inkwell
© Les Inkwell

The concept for #DuckRock started out as just a random idea parodying the Harry Potter – fandom phenomenon «Wizard Rock».Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 22.56.49

I’ve never heard of Wizard Rock or Duck Rock. This is weird-fandom reaching new heights. I’m not sure if it’s quite sane. The whole concept of Duck Rock is however well executed. From the webpage, to the artwork and the album. I’ve never been in to comics or Harry Potter for that matter, so this is something that I don’t understand. It surely is crazy.

The album contains 11 songs about characters from the Donald Duck comics. Like the song “Protagonist” is about Uncle Scrooge. “I’ve got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind” – inspired by Snoop Dog lyrics, obviously. Just like the characters in the comics are different, so are the tracks on the album. You can clearly hear the change from the first track “Mastermind” to the second one “Adventurer”. “Mastermind” is more rough and heavy on the beat. But once you hear “Adventurer” it could have been from a completely different album – it’s more joyful in the melody. At first I thought it was country. While “Slacker” sounds like a failed attempt on a rock ballad. But it is about a Donald Duck character, so maybe the song is suppose to be that way. The genre varies from stoner-metal to blues inspired folk. However every song has a little bit of rock in them – I guess that is the red thread. All in all it’s an ok album for being so weird. The vocal is good, and the music is not so bad either. Just wish I was a duck-fan so I could understand it more. Fans of the Donald Duck comics will probably get the songs more than I do. And like the title says it’s a tribute to past, present and future Duck Artists. I feel it’s a tribute to all fans and readers of the comics as well.

For more about #Duckrock check out StarratS of UfotofU’s webpage.

If you are in Oslo the 11. March you can catch them live at the release party at Magneten (Torshov). I would go if I could. Right now I am picturing guys dressed up as ducks on stage. Or at least some kind of duck effects. I hate to miss it.