Violet Road – In Town To Get You

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© Sony Music

Violet Road is out with a new album today, called “In Town To Get You”. I am going to be honest and say that I’ve never listened to them before. Of course I’ve heard of Violet Road. Just never listened. For a couple of days now, I have been able to enjoy the sound of “In Town To Get You”. What I could do, is listen to their old stuff and start comparing. But why do that, sound wise “In Town To Get You” is where the band stands now.

“We Are The Love” is the first track, which was actually released last year as a single. I always say that the first track is the most important one. It sets the tone of the whole album. For me the first track decides if the album is worth listening to or not. I kept on listening.
“Higher Ground” has a nice beat and makes me want to dance. I don’t usually dance. So me trying to move to the rhythm is ridiculous. My absolute favourite track is “Limbo”. I enjoy the piano in the beginning, the way the guitar lifts up the song, and how the vocal is so beautiful. Because of that, “Limbo” got played several times. “In Town” is a song that is more gloomy compared to the other tracks. I just get a dark feeling listening to this one. However, I get the opposite feeling by “Out Of Words”. “Placebo” is also a song that sticks out. “I will drown my tears with placebo“.If you know its a placebo – will it have an effect? Who knows. All I know is that my heart breaks by listening to this song. It’s powerful – the lyrics, the voice, the melody. Great track. I think “Bicycle” is inspired by Queen. Not just because Queens “Bicycle”, but there are elements in the song that gives me the Queen-wibe. It’s not the same as them, but definitely inspired by them.

“In Town To Get You” is filled with ten tracks that will make you happy, sad, and will make you want to dance. It’s a good album. I should be kicking myself for not listening to Violet Road before. Great music.

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