The Urørt finals

NRK P3 Urørt is a website and a radio show hosted on NRK P3. Urørt gives unsigned artists and bands a chance to share their music for free via Urørt’s website. A big handful of artists also gets picked out for the radio show. Every year the artists compete against each other to win the title “årets urørt”/this years urørt.

This year there are ten nominees who are going to compete against each other in duels. The duels will be held on another radio show on P3 called Christine. The artists and bands that are going against each other are:

(Click on the artist/band to go to their Urørt webpage)
1st duel: 11.feb – Whales & This Lake vs. Ágy
2nd duel: 16.feb – Fasit vs. Frances Wave
3rd duel: 19.feb – Ida Stein vs. Léonne
4th duel: 23. feb – Cezinando vs. Oscar Blesson
5th duel: 26.feb – Over The Trees vs. dePresno

After the duels five artists will become three, which will happen during a vote. Those three artists that gets the most votes will be on the Urørt Final 5.march at Sentrum Scene – the last day of By:larm. Everyone that has a by:larm festivalpass will able to see the final (well, until the venue has reached its capacity that is.)

You can vote on you favourite artist by using their hashtags on social media..
#urørtOverTheTrees – #urørtÁgy – #urørtCezinando – #urørtDePresno – #urørtFasit – #urørtFrancesWave – #urørtIdaStein – #urørtLéonne – #urørtOscarBlesson – #urørtWhalesAndThisLake
..or vote directly on

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